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I heard Tim Cook’s interview with Brian Williams and thought it was interesting….Tim Cook kind of comes across as ‘Mr. No-personality’ so it is easy to slide over what he says as Über corporate….but actually he had some interesting artistic ideas.

When he was asked how in the world Apple could hope to ever “stay fresh”….meaning creative, in a world where corporations fall from grace as a natural progression to high success….Tim Cook said in essence…we will stay creative because that is our mission.  Our mission is not the product…our mission is staying creative, innovative and connected to our customer.  That is a creative answer.  For true creatives, it is not about the fame…not about the money…it’s about being creative.  Being creative feels good.  It often requires more effort than is reasonable….takes more time than we planned for…but it is always our mission!

When asked about Apple’s legendary secrecy, Tim Cook had another interesting creative comment.  Roughly quoted, He said “Yes that it was a tough market out there with harsh competition but that is not so much the point of the secrecy as the element of surprise.”  People love to be surprised.  It’s true….so today’s thought…..add an element of surprise into what your doing…surprise yourself…hide surprises in your artwork for others…surprise me into thinking something new and different!