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After School Art

Program Overview

The focus of Studio Art is to guide students through a course of study that develops art skills, recognizes personal talent, respects creative processes, teaches students to integrate art in their lives, and become everyday creative people.

This program is divided into three parts: First a focus on techniques, mediums and skills (breadth). The second is Body of Work production culminating in our yearly art show (depth). The third is Creative Skill Building and Artist of the Week.

Pricing Update

Effective Sept 1 2022, we will be increasing our prices for our after-school program. This decision comes after months of deliberation about how to sustainably provide art classes to our community. We are finding the need to adjust our prices more immediate than expected due to rising operational costs.

We are focused on ensuring our art classes are accessible to all members of our community, which is why we will be offering a sliding payment scale. Our sliding scale will include 4 payment options, based on financial capacity, at $150/4 weeks, $130/4 weeks, $110/4 weeks or $90/4 weeks. We are also creating a semester payment option where families can pay for an entire semester of classes, for your convenience.

For those who are unsure about which payment option is most suitable for your family, we have included a graphic from the Green Bottle Method, an economic justice tool used to determine payment based on access to resources. We respect your financial privacy and will accept any payment option you select with no questions asked or proof of resources.

If you choose to select a higher payment option, you are increasing accessibility to art supplies for all students regardless of socio-economic status.

We deeply appreciate your continued support of Fly on the Wall Art School! For further questions, please feel free to contact Franklin Hagarty at

Pricing Details

Four-Week Classes Price Breakdown – Bottle 1: $150/4wks – Bottle 2: $130/4wks – Bottle 3: $110/4wks – Bottle 4: $90/4wks

Fall Semester Classes Price Breakdown (15 weeks 9/5/23-12/22/23) –

Bottle 1: $560 – Bottle 2: $490 – Bottle 3: $410 – Bottle 4: $340

Spring Semester Classes Price Breakdown (TBD) –

Bottle 1: $637 – Bottle 2: $552 – Bottle 3: $467 – Bottle 4: $382

Class Schedule + Details

Classes will resume on September 5th, 2023!

Tuesday- 3:00pm-4:30pm & 4:30pm-6:00pm
Wednesday- 3:00pm-4:30pm & 4:30pm-6:00pm
Thursday- 3:00pm-4:30pm & 4:30pm-6:00pm
Friday- 3:00pm-4:30pm & 4:30pm-6:00pm

Fall / Spring Semester Tuition – This option allows families to pay for a full semester of classes for the year. The prices are a reflection of our Green Bottle sliding scale graphic.

(Bottle 1 / Bottle 2 / Bottle 3 / Bottle 4)

$560 / $490 / $410 / $340 – Fall Semester (15 weeks of classes 9/5/23-12/22/23) We are closed for the week of Thanksgiving 11/20/23-11/24/23.

$637 / $552 / $467 / $382 – Spring Semester (TBD) 

Four-Week Class Tuition – This option is a four-week subscription to the art school. Signing up for this option is a commitment to attend classes at the art school during a four-week period. Please see our Green Bottle graphic for information on price options.

$150 / $130 / $110 / $90– One Studio Art Class per week for 4 weeks.

Drop-in Class – Drop-in Classes are a great way to attend Studio Art Class with a fluid weekly schedule. You can attend any Studio Art Class during the week that is available. For information on available classes please send us an email ( or give us a call (650-713-0751) prior to coming to class.

$30– One available class of your choice during the week.

Billing Info – A statement will be provided the first week of each four-week cycle. The information on the statement will reflect the classes that each student is committing to attend to. Make-up classes can be used during this four-week period. Please see the Make-Up Policy for details on absences. 

You can pay the tuition by cash or check. You can also pay via Venmo or Zelle. For Venmo payments, we will add a 3% surcharge for the Venmo processing fee. We are not currently accepting credit cards at this time. For information on electronic payment, please send us an email.

Make-up Policy – Absences are recorded and banked for your student’s make-ups. Make-ups can be used on any same type of class from the schedule during the pay period you have registered for. (ex. I paid for four classes in January, my student missed a class in January, can I use make-ups in February? No, the make-up classes only apply to the 4-week period you have paid for in January) If you register for a full semester of classes make-up classes can be used throughout the semester that you paid for. (ex. What if I want to pay for a semester in full but classes are already under way? Any missed classes during the weeks prior to the first class attended will be counted as make-ups to be used during the pay period.) Please inquire for more information on make-up policy.

Please note: The school is closed for the larger holiday breaks of the Cabrillo School District: Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Presidents’ week and Spring Break.