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About Franklin and Ethan

Franklin Hagarty and Ethan Hofmayer took over ownership of Fly on the Wall Art School in 2020 from the school’s founder, Susan Carkeek. As previous students of the art school, they hope to continue to help young creatives find their artistic voice. Together, they have decades of Education and Youth Mentorship experience. 

Franklin Hagarty

Artist and Educator

Susan Carkeek, the founder of Fly on the Wall Art School, has been an inspiration from an early age. Under Susan’s mentorship, Franklin has acquired both confidence and skill, enabling him to  devote much of his working life to facilitating positive and meaningful experiences to Bay Area youth. 

Since graduating from the University of Hawaii in 2015, he has worked closely with Optimist Volunteers for Youth, San Mateo Outdoor Education, Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools, and middle school and high school students in the Cabrillo School District. Franklin combines his love of the sea, his appreciation of art, and his work as a musician, sculptor, and painter, and hopes to inspire the next generation of globally conscious artists.   

Ethan Hofmayer

Artist and Educator

An experienced teaching artist and classroom teacher, Ethan is committed to making a safe and fun space for students to explore their creativity and advance their artistic skills. He has taught students traditional and digital arts, including filmmaking and animation in K-12 settings, and teaches adult printmaking courses at Fly on the Wall weekend workshops. He attended Vassar College, and is currently pursuing a Masters of Education at San Francisco State. 

His own photography and film work has appeared in local benefits, galleries, and screenings, and as a former student of Fly On The Wall Art School, Ethan has internalized the teachings of artist and school founder Susan Carkeek and carried her creative mantra with him into classrooms for the last ten years: Creativity first—there are no mistakes in Art.

Proudly continuing the legacy of Fly on the Wall Art School founder Susan Carkeek.