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New Teachers, Same Mission

Our mission continues to be providing a safe and fun environment for students to learn about art, to practice art, and discover their own unique way of expressing themselves. 

For the past twenty-eight years, since 1992, Fly has been a model designed to honor the creative spark. By enhancing every project with an understanding of styles and techniques, and promoting an appreciation of the time-honored qualities that go into making art, our students flourish.

Artists-in-training are encouraged to recognize and trust their own uniqueness. Included in this instruction is classical composition, drawing, and learning basic fine art skills. With every project students are given the freedom to play and explore, and to produce finished pieces for the once-a-year Fly on the Wall student show. 

In addition, we have helped many of our former students put together polished portfolios. As a result a surprising number of our alumni have gained admittance to the San Francisco School of the Arts. But perhaps the biggest asset Fly provides its older students is the positive clarity they develop for who they are and the talents they own. Ninety-eight percent of Fly on the Wall graduates complete their college education in a variety of fields, and most continue functioning creatively in their private lives.

art student abstract painting

Recent artwork by Fly on the Wall students. See more in the Student Gallery.Student Gallery

In the Studio

Fly is set up like a professional art studio with open space, natural light, and help-yourself materials for both two dimensional and three dimensional projects. Even as we work together, instruction is individualized, and while we always provide a structured curriculum, students may choose to work independently on their own projects. This creates an environment in which students are less inclined to compare their work and more likely to embrace their own unique talents.