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Summer Camps 2021

Read about our Covid-19 safety plans on our home page.

Please practice social distancing and quarantine protocols before attending camp. If you experience any symptoms of Covid-19 within 14 days prior to attending, please do not come to the art school. If you have received a negative test result after experiencing symptoms within that time period, we will request to see those results when you arrive.

If you have questions please call 650-713-0751.

This is the best way for you to help keep our community members safe and for us stay open this summer.

Camp Reservations

Send us a check for the deposit ($150 per child/per session) with your child's name, the camp(s) you want, your phone number and an e-mail address so we can confirm your camps for you. You can make your checks out to Franklin Hagarty for payment. Deposits and tuition are non-refundable. Balance of tuition may be paid in a lump sum of $750 or $250 at the start of each week.  This is to help families manage the tuition amount but it exposes us to someone dropping out.  Please help us by committing to the full 3 weeks.  The order does not allow us to replace children if you fail to attend.

Camp Info and Schedule

All of our camps are Tuesday through Friday.

San Mateo County Health Order No.c19-5e(section 15.f.xxvi) revised 5/29 states that we must create groups of "no more than 12 students for a camp of "no less than 3 weeks" for the purpose of creating isolated, "stable groups" of children. In order to comply we have created 3 Sessions of 3 weeks each. Obviously all this changes what is possible and it continues to be fluid.  We will update our situation as the summer progresses.  Please remember that our expenses continue and yet we are limited to functioning at less than 1/3  capacity.  Please do not sign up for a camp and fail to attend.  The order does not allow us to replace a no-show with another student.  Thank you so much for understanding and supporting us right now.  Our goal is to just to survive this in belief of a better day ahead.

Camps start at 9:00 am and end at 3:00 pm. Students need a lunch with drink, we supply a snack.

Refund Policy: Please choose carefully; deposits and tuition are non-refundable and absences are not replaceable. In the event the protocol mandate goes back to Stage 1 sheltering in place, we will give everyone a full credit to be used for any future art classes or camps here at Fly on the Wall Art School with no expiration date.

For those needing a longer day... call to arrange for classes that extend camps (Tuesday - Friday) until 4pm or 6pm. Email us for more information and to sign your child up for a camp.



9:00 - 11:00

Intro and studio work with OJ and snack.

11:00 - 12:00

Walk (outside)

12:00 - 1:00

Lunch with a Fly on the Wall movie...older students can continue working after eating.

1:00 - 2:00

Schpeel, demo & studio work.

2:00 - 2:30

Play and snack if needed. (based on group)

2:30 - 3:00

Finish for the day & organize for the next day.

Session One
       Cost $900 (Tuition $750 + Deposit $150)

Week 1: Drawing for FUN
June 8 - 11
Cartooning, comics, manga, anime, graphic novels, street art & mythical creatures are our subjects in this camp, but our focus is; action figure drawing, humor, composition and creative character development.  We try to improve your skills while still keeping this a relaxed first camp of the summer! 

Week 2: Creativity; When they Zigs...we zag

June 15 - 18
Science, Business & Technology are just a few of the fields that seek people with creative experience.  With imaginative prompts every morning, followed by fun projects in the afternoon, students learn to have fun OUT of the box! That's 8 new creative thinking skills and students can choose 2D or 3D materials...or both!

Week 3: Nature Art
June 22 - 25
Students use drawing, sculpting, painting and printmaking to explore the natural world around us...meaning actually around us here in Half Moon Bay! Our subjects include birds, tidepools, plants, insects and more.  Fun Stuff and we get outside a lot hunting down our subjects in this camp. Fun and Interesting!


Session Two    $900 (Tuition $750 + Deposit $150)

Week 1: Creative Zines, Publications, Comic Books and Making Sculptures with Books
June 29 - July 2
This camp teaches the basics of Creative DIY Publications while it teaches layout, construction, copy art and easy binding.  In addition we get to play with non-booklet formats like maps, pocket books and pop-ups.  3D students make sculptures using folding, cutting, gluing and carving books! 

Week 2: Board Game Design
July 6 - 9
What makes a good board game? Is it the pieces? The board? The game mechanics? This camp teaches the basic of game theory. Using our skills as artists we will sculpt, draw, and paint our game pieces and boards to create fun new tabletop board games.

Week 3: Stop Motion Animation
July 13 - 16
This is a new addition to our summer line-up. We will focus on the art of story telling through a classic practical method. We will explore the techniques used by animators like Tim Burton to create short films of our sculpted characters.


Session Three    $900 (Tuition $750 + Deposit $150)

Week 1: Great Artists
July 20 - 23
Explore 50 of the greatest Artists ever from Art Cards we have here at the Art School.  Each morning we challenge students with creative short projects inspired by famous Artists.  In the afternoon, students choose a favorite artist from the cards and use the ideas of that Artist to create their own piece of art, not by copying but by riffing off their ideas!  Should be a really fun camp!

Week 2: Drawing and Painting Animals
July 26 - 30
This camp lets students choose their favorite animals but it teaches them techniques for eyes, fur, scales feathers and insect parts. The mediums are graphite, pen and ink, printmaking and paint. For fun we will have an option for 3D projects also! Very Fun Summer Projects!

Week 3: 3D & Cartooning
August 3 - 6
Our last camp for the summer combines 2 of your favorites, 3D  and Cartooning.  That's fun enough but we have a tradition of letting students figure out their goals for this last camp.  We offer a variety of ideas and materials, then students get to figure out their own camp, (with our help of course). Guaranteed to be fun!

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