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I love this time of year at the art school! 

This is the time when students in the studio art classes get to figure out what they want to learn and master.  Over 20 years ago, I started the art school with the option that students could always do what they wanted.



I heard Tim Cook's interview with Brian Williams and thought it was interesting….Tim Cook kind of comes across as 'Mr. No-personality' so it is easy to slide over what he says as Über corporate….but actually he had some interesting artistic ideas.


'The Art Forger', Glazing and Principia Cormorant

'The Art Forger' by B.A. Shapiro is a great read about a contemporary woman artist in Boston that gets totally embroiled in an art museum theft and forgery all while trying to get ahead as an artist.  The book really gets core with the difficulty women have in the art world, with the stuff that goes on for the artist within their own studio, and goes into great detail about the painting technique of… guessed it…..glazing.



Before starting this blog I had to think about what the point of it would be.  It was actually pretty easy to figure out.  I do not LOVE to teach how to get the right consistency of block printmaking ink 1,000's of times….or teaching contour drawing for the billionth time…I LOVE what I do because I get to help and hang out with all these creative people.


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