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About Fly On the Wall

The mission of Fly on the Wall Art School is to provide a safe and fun environment for students to learn about art, do art and find their own creativity. The school is a model program designed to put the students creativity first and then surround that with art appreciation, art techniques and art mediums. Each student works on an independent program while following the greater focus of the time of year. In order of importance, students are encouraged to recognize and trust their own creativity and uniqueness. Students are taught classical composition and drawing. Students are encouraged to develop their own analytical and problem solving skills. Students are encouraged to play, expand, and explore, but also produce sufficient finished pieces for the once-a-year student show. Students are taught classical fine art skills, resource referencing, Art Appreciation and Art History.

On the coast since 1992

We set our sites high. We offer a quality art experience that is on par with leading art schools. This allows our local students to experience a quality art experience right here on the coast.

We have an excellent record of helping students gain admittance to San Francisco School of the Arts by mastering the needed skills and creating a porfolio required.

Fly on the Wall School provides students with the encouragement and opportunities appropriate to each student's talents and commitment. Previous High School Students at Fly on the Wall have had one-person art shows, sold art work, gone on to other art shows with the work made for a Fly on the Wall Show, and found jobs in the field while going to school. Perhaps the biggest asset Fly on the Wall provides it's older students is the positive clarity they develop for who they are and the talents they own. 98% of Fly on the Wall former students complete and continue their college education in a variety of fields, and most of those continue functioning creatively in their private lives.

Susan Carkeek-Harris: Artist, Instructor, and Founder

Susan has been working as a studio-showing artist since 1972. While her own work always took a front seat, her love for the "language" always made her interested in sharing that "language" with young people. While working NEA grants she found that she loved the energy and spirit of young people. Susan's artwork has been featured in a variety of publications, including books and national magazines. Her showing record includes Oakland Museum as well as many traditional galleries. On the teaching side, Susan founded and ran an NEA funded art foundation for five years. She added a teaching certificate in k-12 art to her traditional fine arts degree in 1978 and taught high school and junior high art in public schools for seven years. Since 1990, she created and taught the arts program in in two Cabrillo District Schools.

How we are different

Traditional art programs ask students to put creativity on the back burner while learning art skills....Fly on the Wall reverses that order. We place the students creativity first, and support that "creative impulse" with necessary skill development. Our studio is set up like a professional art studio with "help yourself" materials, for 2D and 3D, that further supports the students creativity. Instruction at the Art School is primarily one-on-one and individualized.


We supply an ongoing curriculum structure in the classes but students often choose to work on their own projects instead. This creates and environment where students are working on a variety of projects in the studio at any given time so it is more difficult for them to compare their work with other students and easier for them to embrace their own unique talents.

On the Coast Since 1992

Twenty Eight years of creativity, fun, and intelligence!

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